Relentless Recovery

In preparation for the Budget for Growth and the Growth Review Document expected on Wednesday, UK Regeneration today launches “Relentless Recovery”; a call for a series of practical measures to move seriously in to support the small business sector (Full document here) .  This is at the heart of the UKR mission of “people regeneration”.

Jackie Sadek, Chief Executive of UKR said:

“To respond positively to what we expect from Mr Osborne tomorrow, and to resuscitate regeneration in the UK, we have to move fast: turn the warm words into actions and support everyone who can create growth, jobs, wealth and opportunity.  We must learn from our mistakes.  This time, the regeneration focus must be relentlessly on businesses and people – not just buildings.  It is people that will really drive the growth, prosperity and sustained performance that we so badly need if we are to avoid the old models of regeneration, full of empty promises.

In conjunction with this publication, UKR commissioned a survey from Populus which showed over 80% of the British public think putting the customer first is the key to small business success.”

Michael Divers, UKR Enterprise Managing Director, said:

“Our poll shows that the British public respond to small businesses committed to a good customer experience.  Sadly we do not have an ethos of customer service in the UK and we need to drive standards up. The future can be bright if small businesses and social enterprises – critical to both our economic recovery now and our future prosperity – get the practical, common-sense support they need. Everyone must get behind small business and they must be freed of the needless bureaucracy that diverts them from their customers and growing their businesses.  David Cameron has repeatedly been clear about the commitment to rebalance the economy way from London and the South East; this will only be achieved through small business growth.  UKR Enterprise stands ready to support small businesses, whether in Enterprise Zones or elsewhere.”