Jackie Sadek sets out UK Regeneration plans

Jackie Sadek today explained UK Regeneration’s plans

“The regeneration business has changed. Government has challenged us to move from a dependency on public funding to growth based on private investment. This is our response.”

“Our aims remain the same: to change places and people’s lives for the better. But we need new methods: simple, quick, based on experience not unnecessary reinvention, locally focused and responsive.”

“We need higher ambition: looking forward to and driving major changes in the housing market. We have set the target of delivering 20000 new homes by 2020.”

“We are developing a new model bringing ideas from outside the traditional development industry. New homes will be high quality and make renting a positive choice. Innovative approaches to commercial and retail space will bring jobs for local people.”

“Our strategic partners are working with us to create this new way forward. Local partners have already identified opportunities for over 500 homes and developments valued at over £150m where we can demonstrate how this is done.”

“We are making an offer of open collaboration. We are setting out clear criteria: framing the right collaboration on the right site, with the right approach and the right way forward.

“We are making a set of clear and firm commitments to how we will deliver: simple and quick decision making; fair and open accounting; full engagement with local people; delivery of local jobs and enhanced skills and a long term commitment to quality of place and transforming perceptions of the locality.

If you have a 2 ha site in or near your town centre, have a flexible approach to getting things done, and see the potential to kickstart a new way forward then talk to us about how we can bring investment to your area to support you in delivering your ambitions.”