It’s up to all of us

Peter Bishop, ably assisted by the team at Design Council Cabe, has produced an excellent report. We will comment on the detail and stimulate some more debate over the next few days. But one thing stands out clearly because it chimes with everything else we have been saying over the last few weeks: It is up to all of us.


With scarce public resources we cannot expect a Design Review system to make up for developers and their professional advisers getting it wrong. So let’s get it right. This is one strand of the Building a Better Britain Campaign: responsible developers will recognise the importance of good design and aim to achieve it. Is that wishful thinking on past performance? Maybe but the future cannot be like the past. It is perhaps no coincidence that the report comes the day after the NPPF consultation closed. To win the pro-development, pro-growth argument we (the industry) will have to make the case in every locality. New buildings should be something of which every place can be proud. Much as I like the occasional National Trust cream tea I shudder to imagine a world in which twee chintz has to be the design solution of choice.


More will follow as the campaign gets up steam.