Relentless optimists push forward

Regeneration has always been a task for the relentless optimist. UK Regeneration is gearing up for the next major push forward. Action is needed on a broad front, especially after the disappointment of the Select Committee Report.

Tackling the Government

Whatever we think of the Select Committee’s report the Government will still have to make a response. According to the usual conventions that will have to happen just after Christmas. So let’s all help the Government to make a strong response. We will lead off with some ideas and others can chip in.

Most importantly action is needed to complete promised elements of the toolkit. Let’s keep pressing for that to be done quickly so that TIFs and all the other instruments can really be put into operation and tested.

Tackling the development industry

Our campaign, jointly with the Estates Gazette, is underway aimed at Building a Better Britain. The Regeneration Commission has met  and identified some ideas on how the industry can make a real difference. The Action Plan follows soon.





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