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Broadband and wishful thinking

So. to recap, we need a system of accountability: that is based on a clear chain of responsibility and authority; that is based on realistic and measurable goals; that, as a corollary, is goal focussed rather then procedure burdened; that liberates suburban impresarios to bring flair and imagination to our suburbs and small towns. But […]

A call to action

At last we have a ministerial statement about regeneration – the shortest in 30 years but none the worse for that. Grant Shapps and Andrew Stunnell were in Salford today and have been explaining how the Coalition’s policies create a framework for action. Jackie Sadek, our Chief Executive at UK Regeneration, has welcomed the stateement: […]

The suburban impresario

The problem with accountability is that it needs to be more than just a system, a set of processes, a rulebook. It needs to be a state of mind. If we are to entrust accountability to a contract – legal or social – we would do well to think carefully about what it is we […]