Changing the Game

UK Regeneration today names Nottingham as first pilot ‘village’ in its programme to deliver 20000 homes by 2020. Speaking at MIPIM Jackie Sadek said:

“We’re regenerating regeneration.  It’s that simple.  The old models no longer work and we need to find new ones quickly.  It is clear that we need to move regeneration decisively into the private sector and not look for public subsidy. UKR has alighted on a regeneration concept that will tackle problem areas by developing places where real people will want to live and put down roots, with a livable mixture of homes and local services.  Our designs will seek to lift the spirits of all those that live or work in them, or who travel through or come and visit.  The places will stitch parts of our cities back together. And – crucially – we put community values at the heart of everything we do.”

You can see the full text of the press release here and download it as a pdf.

There is more on the background to our plans here.

If you want to be involved in such schemes in your area then take a look at our “Framer” which explains the criteria by which we decide what looks promising. You can contact us on