Sandfields land deal announced at MIPIM

cannesJackie Sadek, chief executive of UK Regeneration (UKR), has signed the land deal with Nottingham City Council (NCC) for its first pilot ‘village’ of 200 homes on the site of the former Sandfield School in Lenton.  ‘Sandfields’ will be the blueprint for UKR’s private sector-led housing regeneration campaign across UK cities and towns.

Jackie Sadek explained:

This deal has taken time to get right because, quite simply, no-one has done it this way before. We’re addressing the housing problem with fresh eyes, starting from scratch.  We have been working quietly with Nottingham people, distilling the needs of the communities, interest groups and individuals into a radical solution.  We have to get it right from the outset, so it works for the local community and for our backers, because we’re going to be doing this for some time into the future.

We’re regenerating regeneration because the old models no longer work and we need to find new ones quickly.  Regeneration must move into the private sector and not look for public subsidy. UKR is tackling problem areas by developing places where real people will want to live in real homes and put down roots, with a livable mixture of homes and local services.  Our designs will lift the spirits of all those that live or work in them.  UKR developments will stitch parts of our cities back together and – crucially – we put community values at the heart of everything we do, which is why the plans have been so well-received in Lenton.

Working with Nottingham City Council we’ll create 200 new homes at Sandfields that will meet local needs and contribute to the local economy first and foremost.  And because they will be designed from the outset to be let, not owned, we will capture efficiencies in construction, management and maintenance.”

You can read the full release for more details