UKR is building a new country village for the 21st century. 1500 homes are planned, in a range of sizes and styles that can support a varied and lively community where the old, the young, singles and families, can all feel at home. The housing is designed to cater for the wide range of lifestyles and multigenerational households that 21st century life is likely to embrace, and will be varied, spacious, and flexible with state of the art technologies and broadband connectivity.

At the same time the design of the place itself and the buildings seeks to reflect the timeless character of a traditional village. Houses will front streets. Routes will be safe and clear. There will be a village centre, with shops and meeting places, a primary school, perhaps a post office and pub, where people can gather and interact. Other activity centres – corner shops, coffee shops with space for small business, community spaces for meetings and social acitivities – will be woven throughout the residential neighbourhoods. Small open spaces, and green pedestrian links to the edge of the village and beyond, are a feature of the plan. We are seeking a specialist bakery open to visitors to buy and learn new skills, and a top quality jewellery design centre, to enrich the cultural life of the village, create jobs and perhaps add a bit of surprise and eccentricity. We intend to underground the pylons which pass across part of the site.

The new village will be embedded in the surrounding countryside. The area around the village will be transformed into a country park, which will provide a clear edge to the village, and form an extension to the Biggleswade Green Wheel. The park will be accessible to all the residents of Biggleswade to enjoy, and will add to the biodiversity of the areas natural life, with ponds, nature trails, community greenhouses, and other features to enable residents to enjoy a greater understanding of, and more detailed relationship with, the natural world on their doorstep. Sports pitches, trim trails and outdoor gyms, a sculpture park and heritage garden will support wellbeing and add further richness to the life of the village.

Residents may run their own businesses in the village, provide local services, work in Biggleswade, work in the emerging Oxford-Cambridge growth corridor; some may commute. But they will all be part of the wider Biggleswade community. Biggleswade will be their town centre. The arrival of the new village aims to be an asset to the town, bringing new income and demand, further infrastucture, transport options and a strong positive image to the town as a whole. UKR is working closely with the Biggleswade Town Council and Central Bedfordshire Council to achieve this. UKR is in for the long haul – we are not simply building, selling, and leaving, but will have a long term role, and stake, in the success of the new village and of Biggleswade as a whole. We believe the best experts in any place are the people who live in that place. We welcome the views and participation of all local residents, and would-be residents. Your enthusiam is the key to our mutual success.

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