The Great LEP Forward

Grim and Grimmer Up North

The Smith Institute has just published a report warning that the north will suffer without strong regional governance  The same day we hear that the Northern Way has fallen victim to cuts in spending of the RDAs.  Where there’s muck there’s … potentially just more muck in future.  Most of the brass has gone in spending […]

BIS Informs, Europe Rules

Interesting Statistics, Honestly BIS have published a helpful breakdown of RGF first round bid statistics for us to pore over. The final figure is 464 bids totalling £2.78bn if all were approved. That sum is coincidentally not far off the last uncut full year of RDA’s. So it would seem that the need and bidding […]

RGF does not stand for Really Generous Funding

Crunching the numbers £2,000,000,000                       The sum of bids for the first round of RGF £250,000,000                          The total RGF first round funding available. Only eight times more funding sought than available.  Decisions are expected from Lord Heseltine and associates in April.  Many should prepare for disappointment.  Rumour has it that BIS underestimated the enthusiasm of […]