Anyone spotted any progress on TIFs?

Whether you agree or disagree with the Coalition Government you have to admit they have shown a sense of urgency. Spending cuts have been sorted. Bodies dismantled and the Localism Bill introduced. Rapid progress is being made on reforming the health service. So we were pleased that the Coalition took up the cause of Tax […]

Big Society: Buck passers paradise?

Do you want to see how the Big Society will turn out? Do you want to know the great yawning chasm in the thinking behind the rhetoric of localism? Easy. Compare two events. First, the Clapham train crash of1988. It was caused by sloppy working practices, specifically bad wiring. British Rail was slammed for not […]

Localism starts here

Today’s the day. The Second Reading of the Localism Bill takes place this afternoon. You can find a raft of briefing notes from all sorts of bodies (LGA, London Councils, RTPI and so on). The most common sentiment is “welcome”; the LGA “welcome” things 12 times and London Councils clock up 18 “welcomes”. UKR joins […]