Influence is one of the two key threads of activity and participation. We have heard a strong demand for a voice for regeneration to influence government and local government. In a framework of localism with the government promising not to be top down we all need to think about and contribute to the policy and financial framework within which we are going to be working, however light touch it is going to be.

We want your views on any and all aspects of:

  • how we should work together on influencing government, local government and each other;
  • current policy development but especially Big Society, localism and getting through the next 12 months;
  • the implications of finance restraint; we will make a noise when the spending review is published.

We will do this through publishing posts ourselves, by getting you to put forward some posts, and by everyone commenting. From time to time we will collate and summarise the comments to help the debate forward.

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