The masterplan delivers strategic new open space for Biggleswade and its wider community on a significant scale. This will be achieved through a strong landscape framework that links into the wider open space network whilst preventing coalescence with existing settlements and screens sensitive views.

It will create a new Country Park extension to Biggleswade Common, expanding the informal grassland/scrub habitats along the northern boundary of the site and stream corridor. Along the western boundary, an extensive mosaic of wetland habitats will expand the new linear park bordering Baden Powell Way.

Green links will connect the new development to Biggleswade’s local amenities and the train station. In addition to functional routes, the footpath network will give people access to wildlife and the countryside. Wetland areas will be connected by boardwalks, bridges and causeways to create circular recreational trails as well as tying into long distance Public Rights of Way and the Biggleswade Green Wheel. These will promote healthy living and encourage enjoyment of the surrounding landscape.

Landscape Strategy

Landscape strategy map

Play, species rich grasslands, orchards, allotments, community gardens
and wetland walks all feature in our proposed design


The development will:

  • Have primary access from Baden Powel Way via a new proposed access road witha proposed roundabout at the junction with Frankel Way (01).
  • Retain the existing access from Baden Powell Way as a secondary route (02).
  • Have additional access from Baden Powell Way to the South of the site from the roundabout at the junction with Planets Way (03).
  • Offer potential connections to the adjacent land included within the “Identified Locations for Future Growth” included in the draft local plan.
  • Enhance pedestrian and bridle way connections with existing Public Rights of Way, including to Sunderland Hall Farm to the east, to other farm tracks in adjoining fields and to Biggleswade Common to the north-west (04).
  • Have a specific pedestrian connection to Biggleswade town centre (see above).
  • Exploit the opportunity for the expansion of the common and the Biggleswade Green Wheel.