Living in this place provides residents with a lifestyle that gives them access to nature through the various different elements of open space, such as the country park, allotments and small holdings, the village green with cricket pitch and the playing fields, bridle ways and lots of other different green spaces of different character. Heading out from each home, just by turning left twice residents will be able to see the countryside.

Community Focused Centres

A thriving and sustainable community will require various social, community and commercial facilities. These will be located in a series of focal points throughout the area comprising;

  • A village centre in which some of the larger facilities will be grouped together including the school, some retail and employment uses, and leisure and community uses for new and existing organisations such as the Scouts;
  • Several key points throughout the area based on a model of ground floor commercial uses with residential above. Coffee shops, serviced meeting spaces and community rooms, together with a little square or green with playspace, will be within easy reach of everyone;
  • Green spaces acting as focal points themselves and links to the community areas.

Focal Points
focal points


The development will:

  • Provide at least one primary school on site to meet the needs of new residents.
  • Plan for the potential for higher demand for primary school places before completion.
  • Contribute to the necessary expansion of secondary schools places for new residents.

St John's School in Ealing which has a strong residential appearance


The Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS) built by Ardmiore.


Littleport secondary school built with a subtle architecture and material palette



The new community will be offered facilIties and support to enable them:

  • To come together for small and large scale social activity reflecting the diverse population.
  • To do so within easy reach of every home.
  • To make the best use of places and maximise social connection by bringing together several potential uses, including business support and small scale retail with links to other community facilities (school, larger recreational spaces).
  • To have such facilities growing at a pace that matches the growth in homes and residents.
  • To have additional health facilities including GPs onsite or offsite as agreed with local partners.



Cricket pavilion and Village Green proposed for the local centre


Play spaces integrated into the landscape and routes

  • Major outdoor recreation facilities, including cricket and football pitches, planned in conjunction with existing local clubs and taking account of the growth of the new population.
  • Public access to recreation areas associated with the school.
  • Small scale indoor recreation opportunities as part of the “focal points”.
  • Areas for children’s play at a variety of scales throughout the residential neighbourhoods and linked to formal parts of the landscape strategy and the green links or to the focal points.


  • Providing very high capacity broadband available to all homes. This is an objective in any event to support leisure, entertainment, home automation, and educational uses within the home.
  • Including more flexible living spaces in many homes.
  • Providing small scale business support services at the heart of the village and in the community focal points, including meeting spaces, opportunities for short term hot desk rental, and some startup spaces for small businesses.
  • Create small scale cafe and meeting spaces provided in the village centre and in focal points.

Cafe spaces for working and meeting



Technology embedded across the development will give people the ability and choice to work from home

Enabling technology to thrive including prolific wifi coverage and interconnectivity

  • Ultra fast broadband fibre connections to every home, the schools and all business premises.
  • Local wifi hot spots within the focal points.
  • Servers in each home supporting smart home management.
  • Additional services within the site to support technology based businesses.
  • Connections to wider high speed networks within the Oxford and Cambridge corridor.
  • Support and training for residents to make the best of the opportunities that will arise over the next 10 years.