There are a number of site constraints that shape the developable area of the site. These constraints represent existing and proposed conditions or infrastructure that prohibit buildings or require the use of some of the available site area.

Site Constraints

highlighting flood risk areas, no build pylon zone and existing routes.
Site Constraints Diagram

Site Opportunities

Site Constraints Diagram

Everyone Deserves Better

The following 8 key principles for the development bring together the relevant requirements of planning policy, constraints and opportunities of the site and the distinct approach proposed by UKR

Distinct Identity

To create a series of places with clear,distinctive identity and character within a new landscape setting to reflect the urban structure of the wider area and prevent encroachment on neighbouring towns and villages.

Community Roots

To foster a community of 1500 homes providing in new ways for a diverse range of people to generate mixed communities and authentic multigenerational appeal adding to the opportunities for the existing residents of Biggleswade to meet their needs at every stage of life.

Rich Mix

To deliver 1500 homes with an unusually rich mix of dwelling types, sizes and tenures. There will be a high level of materials, textures and architectural features to provide a rich variety within the scheme.

Enhanced Landscape

The development should encourage a more direct relationship to the natural setting including a country park, allotments and small holdings, the village green with cricket pitch and the playing fields. Every resident should be within a block of green connections to the surrounding countryside.

Service Provision

To provide the necessary social and community infrastructure, social amenities, and education, leisure and health services required to meet the local needs. These will add and complement to the range of services available in Biggleswade overall.

Economic Growth

To provide economic opportunities within the site, as part of offering new ways of working, and generate new possibilities for the growth of Biggleswade. Local shops, together with small businesses of varying types, will add convenience and support the primacy of the existing centre


To provide for movement throughout the site and beyond to establish a positive relationship with existing settlements, especially Biggleswade. There will be safe and easy routes around the site which will support modal shift away from private car use.


To apply new technology to urban living encouraging and supporting take up of new opportunities in homes, education and business including through providing new services to Biggleswade as a whole and enhancing skills of existing and new residents.